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MAS - Multi Affiliate System

Unlike the classic affiliate system, where you receive commissions solely based on the turnover generated by your direct affiliate partners, MAS allows you to earn revenue from multiple levels, as you have indirectly contributed to the creation of this turnover.

Another unique feature of this system is that there is no obligation to buy or sell products. While in other systems, you are required to generate recurring monthly product sales, our system automates this process through the use of a trading bot.

How we split the bonuses,
how we calculate your bonus


15% of the gross daily bonus, distributed among 8 depths.

The affiliate bonus is calculated from the total earnings, not from the user bonus.



No empty promises

Real-time trades displayed


Traceability of daily/monthly bonuses

Daily, automatic payout in USDT


  • Each Pooolse NFT includes bonuses:
  • 300% USDT payback on your NFT payment
  • Affiliate system on 8 levels, with a total of 15% commission
  • Direct Bonus, 50% of your direct Affiliates NFT purchase admin fee
  • NFT Gift now available No more taking blind trades, guessing, or staring at confusing charts….no more wasting time…

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How does it work?

It’s simple; you can invite anyone interested in cryptocurrencies and NFTs to join the Pooolse family. By doing so, we not only offer you but also the invited individuals extra benefits and bonuses! You can benefit not only from the NFTs you purchase but also through our affiliate system. Whether it’s friends, family, or acquaintances, invite them to the Pooolse family and enjoy the extra bonuse our community offers.

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How Does the Affiliate System Work?

1. Recognize the Potential: You can share the opportunities of Pooolse with friends, family, or even online acquaintances. After all, everyone can benefit from knowing and using Pooolse.

2. Invite Them: Send an invitation link that allows anyone to register on Pooolse. Using this link, new users will be associated with you.

3. Bonuses and Commissions: We offer special bonuses and commissions to your newly registered users and those they invite, allowing you to increase your extra earnings without doing extra work.

4. Grow Together: As the number of people you invite grows, so does your bonuses and commissions. By participating in the Pooolse community, you can extract even more value from your NFT.

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