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About us

Welcome to the Pooolse website, where the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs meets innovation and community. We are not just a platform, but a team of passionate experts committed to the crypto market, striving to make the benefits of crypto accessible to everyone.
The difference you can trust!

Our project is in the hands of a team with years of experience in the cryptocurrency trading field. We don’t promise magical rapid wealth, but real results and sustainable growth.

Pooolse is not just a platform; it’s a community where every step is transparent and traceable. Trading operations, daily and monthly results are automatically updated in your user account, making the system transparent.

Real Values, Real Bonuses:

The value of your NFT stays in the pool throughout, and bonuses are distributed until they reach three times the value of the deposited NFT. We believe that real values bring real bonuses.

Guiding Principle of Pooolse:

At Pooolse, our aim is always to put user satisfaction and success at the forefront. Forget about monitoring confusing charts, searching for signals that offer nothing, and worrying about price fluctuations. The Pooolse application offers you a simple and effective way to get the most out of the market. You don’t need to be an up-to-date trader – with this app, you can easily bonuses.

With attractive bonuses, expert knowledge, and user-friendly features, we welcome you to the Pooolse crypto community.


Tradensea – built for success.

The automated crypto trading bot

With Tradensea you can:

  • Use expert tools without coding skills
  • Automate your trading, so you can take your emotions out of the equation
  • Keep your liquidity when opening positions , so they can be set multiple times
  • Try the unprecedented speed of 12.000 transactions per second
  • Customize the bot with unseen options and tools

Tradensea works closely together with centralized and decentralized exchanges and regulators.
Tradensea is Official Member of Binance Broker, Official Partner of OKX, and became the FIRST Official Partner of MorseDex!